Friday, October 12, 2007

That's GROSS

I am totally okay with blood and surgeries and vomit and poop and snakes--but I just can't stand bugs. On my list of most hated vermin--there is 1)Cockroaches (jen you know why) 2)Lice (never had it-but I did a short stint as a Nursing Asst. and had to treat a woman with resistant lice) 3)Bed Bugs--the idea just freaks me out--and since I do have to travel a bit for work--I am even more paranoid. 4)Large spiders--medium size spiders are okay--but the large tarantulas or wolf spiders are not okay. 5)Leeches (that's a given) Anyways, I was reading my beloved Vanity Fair magazine from last month and there was a little quip in there about how Ralph Lauren's design studios were infested with bed bugs. Check it out: Doesn't Ralph Lauren make a lot of bedding? I can just see one of those maps they have on the news where they show the spread of a virus...but instead they show the spread of bed bugs. EWWWWW.........

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