Sunday, October 28, 2007

How bad is it.....

that I love nap time. Not me taking naps, but when my kids take naps. (Side note: No one ever tells you that--but when you are pregnant with your first child, you get the opportunity to take lots of naps. So if any of you are pregnant--remember this--because the next time you ever get to take a nap will be when you are 60+) Don't get me wrong--I love my kids--especially now that Mason is a giggling banshee---but I do love that moment when they are both asleep and I can finally sit down and take a break.

I emailed many of you an Oprah piece featurning CMU professor Dr. Randy Pausch--if you have an hour and forty minutes to kill---check out his real lecture he gave to the students and staff at CMU. Just to give you a little background, CMU--Carnegie Mellon is one of the best kept secrets in the universe. This school is a big computer science much so--the rumor is that Google and Microsoft and the like--have set up offices there in Pittsburgh to be close to all the incredible research going on. Another note: the joke in Pittsburgh is that some people call it Shitsburgh---but I really liked the town. Check it out sometime.....
And if trees weren't already beautiful and amazing, now they can clean up the environment.
And as if life already wasn't soo great--now I have found the cupcake blog. Check out this beauty of a cupcake--the Coffee and Doughnut Cupcake.

I am not just obsessed with cupcakes--why limit yourself to just one pastry--I am all about any candy, cake, carb available on the market. Check out these handsewn doughnuts from sewdorky.

I just wanted to say Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to Auntie K....I hope you have a great one.

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