Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hoar Frost

Twice in a two weeks I have awoken to a beautiful hoar frost.

Viruses will take over the world

For many years I have proclaimed the following statement (as dismal as it sounds)--that "VIRUSES WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD." I am dead serious. Some day, civilization will be wiped out by viruses....unless of course we keep treating Mother Earth so horribly that she finally starts thinking of revenge strategies. Viruses are truly fascinating. You have got your bird flu, HIV, herpes, entero (cruise ship diet plan), ebola and many many more......they are in the news all the time. I bet you didn't know, but the US government has a contingency plan in place if a very virulent and deadly strain of influenza comes into the US. They have created a list of all the top people that would get the vaccine first...because understandably, the first few vials of vaccine are going to be much coveted. It's not like you want a bunch of WWF wrestlers getting it before a CDC worker. Get my drift? I say this as Tatorbug lays in bed with the 24 hr stomach flu.

Let's talk about Santa. It may be weird...but Kendall is 21 months and she still doesn't know who Santa is. I guess we failed to introduce her. There are tons of presents under the tree already (thank you grandparents) but she really could care less. So my question is--when do you tell them about Santa? They really don't cover this topic in the baby-how to books. Maybe next year.

Monday, December 10, 2007

What is it going to take?

It is has been a busy few weeks. I always think about things I want to write about and then in a flash they go to that black hole of where all good ideas go.

As we all clearly know, the election is just a mere 11 months away. Now, I personally have not decided on who I would vote for or who I am putting my weight behind. For the first time in a very long time, we have a woman running for President. I am VERY aware of the disdain for her--because everytime I mention her name--I hear a lot of flack. Sort of like when you mention Martha Stewart. I have not decided yet if I will be voting for her, but I can tell you this--I am really sick of all the negative crap people are saying about Hilary. Everytime someone tells me how much they hate her---I respond with "Why do you hate her so much?" and never once have I gotten a good answer. I at least give Hilary some credit for having the balls to be put in that arena with a bunch of arrogant men. I really do think a lot of the negativity comes from the fact that people fear change. They fear a woman President, they fear a minority President. Granted she does come across a little robotic or cold, but imagine if she was a lot warmer or more of a pushover--people would rip into for that too. I am all for voting for something different--goodness knows it couldn't hurt at this point in the game.
Not that you want to hear anymore political rants, but Huckabee is a total loser. Here is why.

As the year comes to an end--I would like to show you my list of favorite things. I have millions of them, but these are some of the recent ones I have come up with.

1)Electric Blankets (it is a given in Minnesota)

2)Baby Smell

3)Live concerts (nothing like seeing a sweaty lead singer 10 rows up)

4)Good friends, eating great food, drinking yummy drinks and having awesome conversations.

5)Uncle Billy's Christmas Letter (I will find a way to scan it in and post it)--he gives Colbert a run for his money.

6)Snowflakes that land on your windshield that are shaped like how you imagine snowflakes should look.

7)Karma--I believe in it so much--and it is interesting to see how it plays out sometimes.

8)Cinnamon rolls (not from the can)

Check out the new Fiats--I dig the groovy colors. What age group do you think they are marketing these too?