Saturday, December 22, 2012

And this is what I know....

1)I am grateful for my health, my children, my family and my dear husband.
2)It is amazing what one small thing can do to change a person's life.  Mine and others.

So wow, two months since my last did that happen?  Well, there was the Blue Ribbon Pepfest at school that I was the chair of, there was the cocktail party, Thanksgiving, 6 Seniors that needed pictures, Christmas prep, a work trip to San Francisco and well, playing in the snow, snuggling, and fun times with friends and fam. 

So one of the seniors I took photos of said I could use them on my blog/website.  Name withheld, this gal was so spirited, so good with her body and her poses, such a blast to work with.

And then there are just the random everyday adventures we partake know things like rock climbing, fossil hunting, alligator petting, snowball fights,"Star of the Week", piano recitals....the good stuff.

Wishing you the best in 2013.  The blog may go to the wayside because I have lots of things keeping me busy these days.