Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time to Breathe Again

Here is where we are.....she was built in 1880.  She is quirky. Quaint. Small. Needs love. Magical. Lush. Has crooked floors and a small vermin problem. We close the screen doors and hear cicadas, animals, and frogs, all night long. An old horticulturist lived here and it will be evident from the pictures. (sorry the pictures are out of order....not sure how I get them in order on here.)

Yes, you could take a bath in the buff.

Our bee hive.....there are bees flying in an out...just hard to see in the photo.

Raspberry bushes.

Adopted baby red squirrels.

Our only pumpkin. pretty.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I will be honest, I really hate pictures of myself.  I really like pictures of other people.  I often think that if I could pay someone like Tara Whitney or Krysta Manthe to take my photos, would I actually even like them afterward?  In any case, tonight I was going through some old files on my hard drive and I found some old photos that I do like. 

well well

Let's just pretend for a moment that you are on a train.  A crazy train.  And guess who your conductor is, well, that would be ME!! Yep, I am so on the crazy train right now...this moving has gotten to me a bit (not in the sad, "oh I am going to miss our first house"-sort of way, but more like HOW THE F*CK are we going to get all of this stuff out of our house and in this tiny tiny house way).......but for some pretty calming photos....downward facing dog....OMMMMMM.....child's pose.....OMMMMMMM. 

Here is our camping trip to Willow River State Park, just a quick jaunt across the bridge into Wisconsin.