Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I heart Hillary

Hillary was FABULOUS last night. I cried, I cheered, I clapped, I was very proud of my country and I was proud to have the right to vote. I was proud to be a mom, a wife, a conscientious citizen. To quote Brian Lambert:

Along with asking, "Were you only in this for me?" Hillary laid into McBush to the delight of every pissed-off liberal, Democrat and independent watching. It was very good. The people went home happy.

But it wasn't nearly enough. Tomorrow, (Wednesday), on Day #3, between first Bubba himself and then Joe Biden, who is on board as Obama's Veep as much for his adroit touch with dagger-like rhetoric -- "a verb, a noun and 9/11" -- as his foreign policy experience, it should be a sweet night for those of us hungering for the sight of Dick Cheney's gizzard on a plate. (I can wait another few months for the sight of Cheney in an orange jump suit being perp-walked for arraignment.) No one ever needed to tell Bubba or Biden how to put on the show people like Pat Buchanan and I want to see.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Baptism, Veeps, Barf and more

Wow, what a lame blogger I am. I am barely cranking out 3 posts a month. Sorry parental units and other readers.
Last weekend, Mace had his baptism. It was a great, boisterous affair. Some of you are thinking, "Josh and Becky aren't very religous".....that would be right, but we try and be traditional. And in our families, all of our parents were baptized and we were baptized, so we are sticking to it. Each of our kids has great God Parents (we like to think of them as Worldly Parents)--because they are open-minded, expressive and will do a great job of being objective and educational with our kids.
Mace was baptized at St. Joan of Arc. St. Joan of Arc is a great church, a little more open-minded and shall we say anti-war....then most churches. Noonie came all the way from IL to celebrate with us and she hand-crafted the most beautiful blanket (I bet you want to see a picture--well, those pictures on Josh's camera and I don't have those pictures yet....sorry.)
Here is the little studly guy with his God Parents Jenae and Travis.
I am going to discuss with you my history of Democratic presidential candidates. I was a Hilary gal, not a full-court press type Hilary supporter, but I wanted to see how far she could go and see if for once a woman could get in there. But along the way, for the past few years, I also had a fondness for Edwards (and boy am I glad that was all it was)....but I also really kind of liked Joe Biden. He is a good guy. I am glad Barack choose him (I was hoping for Hilary, but I knew that would never happen.) They say the biggest complaint about Biden is that he talks too much. That is okay for me....I dig the guy. He is a straight-shooter (unlike the current guy running this country), hard-w0rking and he doesn't come from a uber-wealthy background.
A True Mothering Moment
Mason's been a little sick. Fever. Barf, you name it. I am standing in Wells Fargo, making some deposits and all of sudden Mason starts throwing up all over me. Bucket amounts of barf. The lady looks at me and says "Do you want a Kleenex?" I kindly said, "No, thanks." I secured the barf and child and walked out the door. Not one drop fell on the Wells Fargo floor.....I was proud.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Quick thing. The other night, Josh and I happened upon Anne Korin giving a speech on CSPAN about how the US has to free itself from foreign oil. I have not been this awe inspired in quite a few years. I felt proud to be a woman when I saw her speak. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a valuable asset to this country. Please take some time to watch her will definitely learn a lot. The CSPAN speech is broken up on you will have to watch it broken up in 7 parts. Here is part 1....please give it a chance.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

On the road again

Well, we are back and we still have our sanity. Josh and I and the kids drove out to Lake Powell, Arizona (it is also in Utah). We encountered all the normal roadtripping situations (truckers falling asleep and driving into the median--right in front of you), the world's nastiest hotel (Budget Inn in Durango--you suck), people pooping in the swimming pool.....)
Here we are in Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.
We went to see the family and to help celebrate my Dad and Stepmom's 60th birthdays. We had a nice relaxing time. I can't thank my mom and Mike enough for letting us stay in the camper. Dad and Kath, thanks for all the good laughs and thanks to the sibs for the good times, good food, and fond memories. I happen to think the desert landscape is quite beautiful and so I will try and post some pictures soon. On the way back home, we took I-70 from Utah to Denver and I tell you, that is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. The RV lifestyle is definitely having more appeal.
One day, Josh and I took the monkeys and my niece and nephew to the pool (some would also call them monkeys). You wouldn't believe the stares we got---people thinking we were insane to have 4 kids that close together. Speaking of pools, it appears that Speedos are still in high demand.....not kidding. I would have to say that Josh and my brother were the 0.01% of the male population in normal swimming trunks. There is a lot of summer travel coming up from the Grand Canyon. While driving, I got to catchup on my reading. I read about this new website: It gives you the opportunity to "purchase" whatever you want/can in an attempt to purchase 3 Trillion dollars worth of things (end reliance on foreign oil, worldwide vaccinations, universal healthcare). It is being used as a tool to show how expensive the war is and how much better use that money could be going to.

More pics and vids to come.