Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some sniveling for this rainy Thursday

Restaurant menus.  More specifically kid restaurant menus frustrate me.  So Josh and I have always kind of done this thing and I am sure people think it is wierd but most of the time when we go to a restaurant we buy two meals and the four of us split them.  For one thing, it cuts down on calories consumed, it saves money and our kids eat adult foods and not a bunch of crap.  Well, the other day I was looking at a kids menu at a restaurant just for curiosities sake to see what offerings they had, they were: Hot dog, mac&cheese, corn dog, pizza.  Now this was a nice restaurant with made to order food (not a chain where they reheat frozen packages of stuff and dump it on your plate.)  So I ask, why do restaurants that make such good food for adults and serve such shit to kids?  Is this not part of the reason we have such problems with obesity in this country?  Would you buy a meal for your kids if it was healthier?  Or does it matter? 

Part of the other funny thing is that people are often surprised when we don't want to order off the kids meal for our kids.  Like what is so bad about eating the same food your parents do.  Do you make two meals at home?  One for your kids and one for you?  We never do.  But then again, I may be a tad harsh, but we are firm believers in eating what you get.  Sure we might not make them eat it all, but we definitely make them give a full hearted try and we definitely make them taste everything.   I am curious what others think. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey...over there on the Sugar Jets blog you will find some lovely wedding prep photos...definitely more to come.
I am warning you may not want to go over there....but over on the Sugar Jets Photography page there are some mega, uber cute baby pictures.  Mega....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just one of the best weeks.....

It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.  On Tuesday, Kendall's kindergarten class had a play and talent show.  Kendall's talent was hula hooping.  She is amazing at it....those tiny hips can make a hoop fly.  Physics is mind boggling some times.  Well, some of the other kids road their bicycles as their talent.  Well, let's just say that peer pressure can be insanely motivating because I kid you not, that girl of mine got home that night, pulled the bike out, removed the training wheels and taught herself to ride in about a course of 30 minutes.  Now last summer she had learned right at the end of summer but then we moved and up at the cabin didn't really have a good space to ride bikes so I think she forgot that she had done it then.  But seriously, the grin on her face of learning to ride her bike was worth more than 800 gifts on Mothers Day.  Well, if that wasn't enough, the little brother was not going to just sit back while his sister experienced this new freedom....we pulled the training wheels off his bike and in two days, he was whipping circles around the drive-way.  I seriously could not be more proud of them.  When I was a kid, a bicycle was a necessity.  It was our freedom.  We rode to the library, the gas station, to the dippers, to the my first job.  Everywhere. 

So on this most beautiful Mother's Day, I offer you some pictures of the last few days.