Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011--The GOALS!!

Yes, I am one of those wierdos that sets goals for the fact, I am so wierd that I set up plans 2-3, sometimes 4 years out.  I do this because I have a "travel" savings account and I want to get an idea of how much I need to save. 

Here is the quote for the year: 

Never make someone a priority that considers you an option.

(thanks Coral).
I think about this quote a lot.   Do you give up on people that have given up on you? Or do you keep persisting?  I guess the test for me is this...when I die, will I have regrets?  Who do I truly enjoy spending my time with?  Are you spending enough time with the people that are really meaningful in your life? 
Goals for the family (unless we win the lottery, these are not totally attainable in 2011, but being mentioned so that I don't forget).
1)Spend more times outdoors exploring....camping...swimming...stargazing....more boat/river trips...more bonfires...more gardening. 
2)I want the kids to see the world....appreciate the beauty of this planet and of its people. I want them to see wild animals in the wild....not just in a zoo.  I want to hear Mason say "Mom that is preeeetttyyyyy..." (in that ever so cute Macy Macy voice of his.)
Proposed trips (and saving accordingly for them):
a)Family trip in the Caribbean on a catamaran.
b)Family trip to Hawaii
c)Montana State Parks trip
d)Family road trip to Florida for some beach time (Kendall and I have talked about this endlessly).
e)Pacific Northwest trip (to visit Auntie Lauren/Kyle/Tami/Mike and our friends who are opening a winery there). 
f)Visit Auntie Noonie when she moves to the farm.
g)Family river trip down the Colorado
h)Family hiking trip down Havasupai
(PS you wanna come?? Say the word...)
3)Find an outlet for January I am starting yoga. More makes me happy.
4)The tv is off a lot now and I like it.  Keep reading, more library visits. 
5)Work more on planning meals for my family. Healthy meals.
Happy New Year to you all.  Be still.  Take it in......

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It is totally worth the laughs....

Margaret and Helen wrote this......I needed a good laugh. 

Dear Family,
In a year when we almost lost your Grandpa Harold, I would expect each and every one of you to make the effort to be here this year.  If only for a few minutes.  I’ll make an exception for anyone who lives more than three hours away.  Now that is what I expect, but clearly not what I will get.  So be warned.  At Christmas time what you expect to find under the tree is clearly not what you will get.  I love you.  Really I do.  I don’t expect you to visit often, but I do expect the holidays.  And I don’t think that is too much to expect.
For those of you who are coming – from this point forward known as my favorite family members – here are the house rules.  Your following them will make for an unforgettable meal filled with laughter and bacon.
  1. If it jiggles, slap a girdle on it or leave it at home.  I am not kidding Cloe.  One step inside my door with anything made from Jello and it will be your last step.  I have about 50 pounds on you so don’t test me.
  2. Rhonda.  My house.  Your pets.  Never the twain shall meet.
  3. Mary.  My sofa.  Your kid’s feet.  Never the twain shall meet.
  4. I have banned cans of soda.  Two liter bottles of soda only.  I am tired of throwing away half full cans of soda.  If you are two young to lift a 2 liter bottle of soda to fill a glass, you are too young to be drinking soda un-supervised.
  5. At age 84 and 11 months, I have had my picture taken more than enough times to fill any memory photo album.  The digital era has made it too easy to take way too many useless pictures.  Point one camera in my direction this year and I can promise you that your camera will be used to stuff something other than the turkey.  When I am gone, feel free to remember me with pictures from my best year – 1962.
  6.  Texting and driving is just plain stupid.  Texting and eating Thanksgiving dinner, however, is a crime punishable by no dessert.
  7. Vegetarians really should consider Thanksgiving as a holiday from vegetarianism.
  8. Any grandchild showing up dressed like a Palin girl, will leave the house dressed like a Philpot girl.  I don’t need to see all that and neither does the rest of the family.
  9. The Longhorns are having a difficult year.  Your grandfather is aware of that.  No need to remind him.  Trust me on this one.
  10. My Democrats are having a difficult year.  I am aware of that.  Feel free to remind me and I will, in turn, remind you of what I think of the current Republican Party.  Trust me on this one.
  11. Sarah Palin having a new book is proof positive that there is something wrong with the world.  I can’t fix that, but I promise that my stuffing made with bacon will make you not give a damn.  So if any of you get the urge to talk about that woman, stuff your mouth full of food until the urge passes


To be honest, I am kind of done with 2010.  It wasn't a bad year, I just think that some bad karma came back my way (maybe I shouldn't have made fun of my old coworker at my last job?)  I am leaving the year tired, stressed out, with multiple knots in my shoulders....BUT JUST YOU WAIT...2011 is right around the corner and you may not know this...but ELEVEN IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER.......(oh and sorry about the sniveling and whining up in that first sentence...I absolutely abhor people that use blogs to WHINE..unless it is about that gal from Alaska..and I do have many fun things to look forward to in the last few weeks of anyways, sorry about that lapse.)

So back to numero ELEVEN......well it started with volleyball...that was always my number.  Then Josh and I went on our first date on January 11....there is just something I love about 11....perhaps it is the regalness of it standing so tall or perhaps it is the symmetry.....

But I have I was saying I was looking forward 2011.....and then the other day I was reading my horoscopes and guess what it said:

Numerologists say the number 10 signifies completion, wholeness, totality.  It could rightly serve as your lucky number in the coming weeks--a symbol of your power to draw long-term processes to a climax on your own terms.  But you might also want to consider 11 as your emblem of good mojo.  That number denotes the drive to surpass the success you've earned before--to transcend easy triumphs and conventional wisdom so as to reach for a more challenging conquest.  Either way, Aquarius, I think you'll be flying high for the foreseeable future, so there's no need to worry about which way you should go.  If you do choose 11, the risks will be somewhat greater and the rewards more interesting.   Courtesy of Rob Brezny, via the City Pages.

And from one my readers......a request for more pictures......

Josh's 39th Birthday Sushi Extravaganza