Friday, November 16, 2007

Things that make you want to vomit (or at least things that make ME want to vomit)

I mean come on---does this really look like a stroller?

For a mere $899, you too can own this "stroller." At that freakin price it better give massages and make double vanilla mocha cappuchinos.

Hold your horses, because I am not done yet. It has been a long week and sometimes you just need an outlet to vent.

US Women's Bridge Team Banned from future contests for their form of protest--check it out.

OH, the irony. Gore and the other Nobel Prize winners to visit the White House. So here's the situation. Gore is going to visit the White House. Yes, that would be the same White House that he would have been living in had he not gotten screwed over(we don't have time for me to list all the ways that election was messed up.) He is going to the White House because of his work on behalf of global warming (a good thing). But what I find so funny about this whole thing is that Bush invited him and the others to celebrate them receiving the awards. So let me get this straight, Bush wants to celebrate Gore winning an award for his activism on the Global Warming front and yet, W is the WORST environmental president on record. Sort of a slap on the saying "Thanks old buddy for cleaning up my messes." Sadly, the average IQ in that room will drop when W shows up. Can you just picture it now, Bush trying to talk about knock-out mice and carbon foot printing--and actually trying to sound intelligent? Now that would be a Youtube video I would like to see.

(Maybe this will be my Christmas card this year?) Thanks modmom.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I haven't found the time I would like to have, to blog. But life is good. A few observations:

1) You have a 50% chance that your child will have good taste in music---when, the dad is still stuck in the 80s as far as his musical tastes go and the mom is stuck in the here-and-now, modern, hip musical era. Sadly, my dear daugher got her father's musical taste genes. Who would have thought that ZZ Top would be so entertaining for a little girl? Well at least she got the sugar-tooth gene and the "love of shoes" gene from me.

2)Wednesday November 14th is my dear husband's birthday---but it is also the PREMIERE night of PROJECT RUNWAY. Yippee!! I love the show. Deep down inside I have a smidgen of a dream to someday sew fabulous clothes. In the meantime, I will stick to sewing baby-wear and shopping the discount racks. Oh yeah--back to his birthday--it should be an exciting night filled with us changing diapers, listening to Baby Beluga and being grateful for having two healthy kiddos.

3)Am I the only one who has had it with these lead recalls from China? Seriously, our kids are getting sock monkeys for christmas. There is just too much crap being imported into this country that is unsafe. What the hell are Aquadots? Who knows, but they have the "date rape" drug in them. I heard the other day that only 2% of the seafood that comes into the US is inspected. FANTASTIC..... Maybe we could divert some of that money going to Iraq to making our country more safe. I know, it's a crazy idea.

4)What do you think of arranged marriages? Well, Miss Kendall Quinn met a studly little guy yesterday named Logan Quinn---maybe we should book a reception hall today.

Have a great week! See you at the cocktail party.....