Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Boy (and a few of My Girl)

I have heard people say that big birthday parties for little kids are kind of silly because they won't remember them.....but I totally disagree.  One day a year totally devoted to celebrating a child is worth it....especially when you get to see all the grins that come from that celebrating.  Granted, Mason wanted and begged and asked for and cried tears for a SHOTGUN.  Yes, you heard that right.  The boy wanted a SHOTGUN for this birthday.  First off,  I am not sure he even knows what a SHOTGUN is(I am really not even sure how he heard of this intriguing SHOTGUN)...but he was pretty set on getting one.  And oddly enough, he knows what the size of  SHOTGUN should be...as the first present he walked up to to open was a fishing pole (thank you dada)...and he tore up the long present hoping it was a SHOTGUN. But needless to say, the boy was very content with his fishing pole.  Although the thing that brought him the most joy....not the cupcakes, not the facepainter and balloon artist, not the Buzz Lightyear toys, it was the free will and ability to shoot every single guest with a squirt gun.....further evidence below. 

Dilly getting ready for a birthday party.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I covet these cowboy boots

I also wouldn't mind the skinny legs that fit in them.....(image is clickable if you want FULL detail perspective)

Just your everyday average pair of cowboy boots to wear around the house.......with dangling peace signs....I wonder what size they are?

Here is the striking fellow that wore them:

Ahhhhh to be a rockstar or to at least be the follower of rockstars.....what a fun life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Community Activism

Josh cracks up because I am a total letter writer.  When I am unhappy about something, he will say "Well, why don't you go write a letter."  Meaning that when I like something or hate something I tend to let people know.

Case in Point:

1)Approximately 10-11 years ago I emailed Trader Joes and asked them to move to Minnesota. I don't want to get all the credit but Minnesota now has 3 Trader Joes.

2)Around that same time I emailed my favorite chain consignment store, Buffalo Exchange and asked if I could franchise.  They told me no. I told them they should move here to Minnesota.  And lo and behold...Uptown has  Buffalo Exchange.

3)Once again, about 10 years ago I began a regular email campaign with New Belgium Brewery begging them to bring Fat Tire to Minnesota. Glurp Glurp Glurp....that is the sound of me drinking me some barley pop straight from the Wind Powered New Belgium Brewery.

Not all of my letters are positive. Which brings me to my local grocery store.

Dear Local Grocery Store:

I am sorry, but I can't stand shopping at your store.    I am a mom.  I have toddlers.  I have toddlers that like toys.  WHY OH WHY OH WHY must you have toys in every inch of your store? They are in the front entrance, even before you step in the store.  They are at check out.  They are in the aisles.  I seriously cannot get through your store without some meltdown or tantrum from one of my children begging me for a toy.  You are losing money.  You are losing a lot of money...I will tell you why.  Your sales would increase if you got rid of the toys because more moms would shop and buy more...but NO...now every time I go, I rush in....frantic....trying to avert my children's eyes. Not to mention it is very uncomfortable for the staff and patrons that have to hear my son screaming over the nerf water gun I did not buy him.  Sell food....stick with food. 

Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pure Loveliness--I guess I will have to drink much much more coffee

DIY instructions here and also info here

Wouldn't this look so cool at the cabin?

I was joking about the recipe....

how about this one....Maybe not peanut butter and bacon, but Guinness and Chocolate....CAN I GET A HELL YEAH from the crowd??

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love green, as in lots of rain makes our world green, green.....

Okay the blog has fallen to the wayside.....it is a good thing.   We are camping and fishing and eating and playing and gardening (OH are we gardening)...Mr. Martha Stewart has already made two batches of raspberry jam and the first batch of pickles.  My job is to taste everything and eat all the leftovers (some of the cucumbers are just too big to can....and I profess that the smell of fresh cut cucumber is quite possibly one of the best smells on the planet.)

Just a beautiful song:

And something I am SOOOOO looking forward to....

The song featured in the trailer is by one of my favorites, Florence and the Machine....Enjoy: