Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am really loving Mindspring...and am now on there.....

Ask me anything

My, I love how creative people are!!


I want them for me....but think they would look much cuter on Dilly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In My Ideal World

(Because you were just dying to know)

1)It would only snow on the weekends....and it would snow lots and we would bundle up and go outside and drink hot chocolate and eat homemade mac'n'cheese.  But it definitely would NOT snow during the week.

2)I would always have willpower...especially around the treats (i.e. swedish fish...those suckers talk to me...

3)That when I snapped my fingers or wiggled my nose, the house would be magically clean.

4)That my kids would never grow up. (or get worries, they don't have it, I just fear it.)

5)That things would slow down to an almost glacial pace so that I could feel as if I was enjoying more instead of scrambling so much. 

6)That when the President did his State of the Union address that everything he said he hopes happens, really does.

7)It may be a lot to ask considering #1, but sunshine, flowers and flip-flops all year long?

8)Travel times to various parts of the country/world that would only take a matter of minutes(and no 2 hour waits for security checkins....)

9)That Frye Boots and Orla Kiely handbags would be under the $10.00 mark......

10)That guns for assault purposes would cease to exist because they would be totally ask why...because in my world....there is no war and reason to kill (I know it is idealogical....but a gal can dream, right?)

11)That I would be a pro gardener and have no weeds.

12)That people would stop the sniveling, whining, bemoaning and worrying so much.  We can have our issues, but seriously on the BIGHUGEGRAND SCALE of life.....things are not so bad.  Our friend's teenage daughter just had two HUGE tumors the size of oranges removed from her neck after 6 hours of that is something you can rightfully worry and complain about....I am just putting it in in my ideal world, there would be no anxiety, no depression, just happy folks wandering the Earth, picking up the trash, recycling all that needs to be, no horrific tropical storms, healthcare to all,  yummy delicious healthy food available to all, no greed, good music, the smell of lilac bushes and cinnamon rolls filling the air and perhaps an abundant supply of swedish fish swimming about in the waters of the Earth, free for the taking(and they are a noninvasive species).....

Peace to you all...thanks for letting me dream.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Little Pisces

My due date with Kendall was February 27, 2006.  She was born on February 28 after being dilated to 4 cm for not 1 day, not 2 days but 1 Friggin WEEK....oh and I danced at a wedding 4 cm dilated and still no labor....take that Women's Health Consultants!! (No just kidding, those guys were great, they just couldn't believe I hadn't popped that baby out yet).....  Now, I will be honest, as any pregnant woman kind of hopes, especially the first go around, that you are going to GO EARLY(and have a fast labor and no drugs and a perfect baby that doesn't cry or poop (J/K))..... and weirdly enough I was kind of hoping I would go early because I wanted Kendall to be an Aquarius.

I know, go call the cops or whatever, I am freak...the fact of the matter is, I happen to know a lot of amazing people and strangely enough, a lot of them are Aquarians (Time for full disclosure: I am an Aquarian....but I am not including myself in this group;) ) anyways back to my fantastic friends. They are all so genuine and kind and laid back and adventurous and well, HAPPY...they are just super HAPPY people and I so dig that.  Not to mention, we Aquarians keep good company with some pretty rockin celebrities.....(your asking, LIKE WHO??)

1)Ellen Degeneres
2)Oprah Winfrey
3)Paul Newman
4)Ayn Rand (one of my favorite writers)
5)Bob Marley (um, who doesn't LOVE Bob?)
6)Alice Walker (another one of my favorite writers)
7)Peter Gabriel
8)Jim Morrison
9)Abraham Lincoln
10)Charles Darwin
11)Francis Bacon
12)James Dean
13)Jules Vern
14)Franklin Roosevelt

(There are many many more and I could go on forever...)

But anyways, my dear Monks missed the February 19 cut off and was hence born a Pisces.  And let me say, the girl, is ALL PISCES...100% Grade A Pisces. Sensitive, CHECK.  Imaginative, CHECK 20 TIMES.  Thirsty for Knowledge, TRIPLE CHECK.   I would not be surprised if someday she is a fashion designer, actress, singer, screenplay writer, author or more.  And just to further back me up, I present to you the personality traits of a Pisces:

The Astrological birth sign of Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

is usually associated with being extremely creative, sensitive, and artistic, as well as a healthy fascination with the metaphysical and spiritual.
Pisces are the most intuitive and spiritually developed of the zodiac birth signs. Aptly called "old souls", Pisces thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal growth. They are the twelfth, and last, of the Zodiac signs, and as such, tend to have a more finely tuned intuition, sixth sense or extrasensory ability to perceive others feelings.

The duality of the Pisces personality is best described as a constant ebb and flow,

back and forth, straddling the physical, material world and the ethereal, divine realm where Pisces vivid imagination, powerful intuition and creative daydreaming feel like home.

Pisces are creators.

Pisces are common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers. Pisces make great friends and mates. Pisces are extremely loyal and caring. Pisces often possess uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities.

Here are some famous Pisces:
1)Kurt Cobain
2)George Harrison
3)Johnny Cash
4)Liza Minnelli
5)Ansel Adams
6)Nat King Cole
7)George Washington
8)Edward Kennedy
9)Elizabeth Taylor
10)Fats Domino
11)Dr. Suess
12)Jane Goodell
13)Linus Pauling
14)Chuck Norris
15)Amelia Earhart

The stories and creative things she comes up with now are AMAZING...I can only imagine what she will be dreaming up as an adult.....

I am just so excited to see the person she turns into.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

This movie looks FANTASTIC!!!! (and I love Jeff Bridges!)

And here is the amazing song "The Weary Kind" song by Ryan Bingham featured in the trailer:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A couple of my million dollar ideas

Honestly, my brain does not shut off.  At 1:00 this a.m. I was thinking about some wierd idea I have.  Okay, granted I do have a little sleep deprivation, but seriously, I am always coming up with ideas for the most random crap.

1)Idea #1:  The Girlfriend Travel company.....the deal is....we all have friends, but many times your likes/dislikes are nowhere in the realm of what your first ring of friends like.  Or for example you move to some new place and you don't have a lot of friends and you want to travel but don't really have a partner. Or maybe you are just into some wierd stuff and you seek people that get you.   So my idea would be to put trips together for likeminded people.  For example a yoga trip to an ashram in India.  A spa and shopping trip to Thailand.  A trip to Hawaii to learn to surf.  A culinary trip to Tuscany or Greece.  A shoe buying trip to NYC.  A costume trip to Comic-Con.   I did try and get the website and well...somebody has it already.  Another name?? ideas?

2)Idea#1: A dating website for people that may have a particular disorder/illness/disease.  I got this idea when I worked at the HIV/Infectious disease clinic.  A lot of the people with herpes always joked about us setting them up with other people in the clinic because would just be easier to relate.  Plus, then people could just be upfront and honest right off the bat if it was something they were embarassed about.  Or maybe they would like to find someone that knows what they are going through.  

So I am putting it out into the universe..or perhaps there is a zillionaire private equity guru out there who would like to invest?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Brilliant Idea

I saw this on the Urban Daddy Blog/Email I get every day.

Check it out...Slappy Portland is a pancake joint.  BUT get flip your own pancakes at your table.  Um, where is their Nobel Prize for food?  I mean really, show me one person that doesn't like pancakes.

Next up....this one of All Time New Favorite Recipes...Orzo Salad....delicioso.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where have I been?

New Years Resolution (if it is in a electronic format for everyone to see, then of course I will stick to them)

1)Spend less time on social media (aka Facebook)...but that is where us non-phone talkers like to hang.
2)Read more and visit my local library more (and well, keep working with the kids on their "library" voice)
3)Eat better foods. Become one with the KitchenAid.
4)Spend more time outside (camping, walking, gardening, moongazing, bonfires, etc.)
5)Traveling (up this year: New Orleans in March, Seattle in April, Mexico in May, Japan in June, perhaps something in August, Philly in December) and much more in between.
6)Read more with the kids.
7)Do more with less and be grateful for what I already have.
8)Perhaps I shall work on some of those million dollar ideas I have been carrying around? 
9)Get to AZ at least once this year.
10)Blog/write more?
11)A 5K?? Howabout a half marathon? 
12)See more good bands and continue to enrich my brain with damn good music.
13)Get rid of the monkeys on my back/the weight on my shoulders (so long! c-ya)
14)Just be grateful and see beauty. 

I am keeping it simple this year because that is what I want out of life right now.  Goodness and simplicity, nothing complicated.