Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hiding Veggies and the Nobel Prizes

We tried to raise a child that wouldn't be picky, and we did a pretty good job. Kendall will even eat carnitas at our favorite Mexican food restaurant. But sadly, her disdain for veggies has grown to epic proportions. I somehow thought by hiding green peas in her mac & cheese that she wouldn't see them. So to my excitement I read about the new Jessica Seinfield book (Jerry's wife) and then I saw her on Oprah. "Deceptively Delicious"--where she performs the task of hiding veggies in her kids food. She makes a bunch of purees and bakes/fries/mashes them into other foods. She is pure genius. None of the kids know they are in there. I am getting this cookbook and starting this right away. I think I will try the cauliflower puree and mac & cheese and see if it works.

Now for some geekiness. I don't know about you, but the Nobel prizes are like the Oscars for me. I get excited every year to hear who has won. When I was in college I took two courses titled--the Nobel Prize Winners and the Nobel Prizes of Literature. Some of the best classes I took at the good ole U of A. This year is a bright shining star. I just have to commend the Nobel committee for their pick for the Nobel Prize in Medicine--the team of Capecchi/Smithies/Evans and their discovery of the "knockout mouse". All you have to know is that this has seriously changed the face of genetic/molecular biology research. By knocking out a gene, you can see what sort of traits/functions, etc. disappear...thus determining what a particular gene does. This is very important for figuring out what roles certain genes play in certain illnesses. Every disease out there can be researched with this technique. Salute! Congrats Capecchi/Smithies/Evans. The literature prize is announced on Thursday and the Peace Prize on Friday. Rumor has it that Al Gore is up for Peace Prize and Cormac McCarthy is up for the Literature price. Check in for updates.

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