Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good in your skin

Lauren and Kyle reminded me that my blog had gotten a tad "picture heavy" I will try and write for a bit. 

I think there is probably a gene that is present on both the X and Y chromosome.  A gene that is something like hair color, eye color or blood type, or like the tendency to like/hate licorice or to have detached/attached earlobes.....but I digress..... I don't really have a good name for it, but I guess lets just call it the "GOOD IN YOUR SKIN" gene....

What is that you ask?  Well, I think there comes a point in your life and it is different for everyone, where you finally feel comfortable in your skin.  And what I mean is that for most people (I hope)...they finally reach a point where the say "Damnit, I like myself....I am a badass person...(okay, maybe the cussing is unnecessary, but you get the point)"....

I was driving to work, in my 35th year of life and it hit me....I feel really good where things are at in this life. Granted there is that 7 more pounds I want to lose, or the messes in the house...but I finally feel really good about who I am.  I still get occasionally nervous in social settings but overall, I am pretty happy with myself. 

Which brings me to "other people".  Because I swear you can look at a person and talk to a person and you can just tell they aren't too happy with themselves.....but the irony of it is, that they spend a lot of time boasting about all the wonderful things they do/have/accomplish...but there is just something there that gives you the sense that they aren't truly content.  And it is quite wierd when those moments of discontentment shine through.

I can honestly say that if I was taken from this Earth (preferably after the trip to Mexico), that I would have been happy about the life I led.  I was looking at my sister this past weekend and she is such an endlessly positive person, she is definitely good in her skin.

So folks, go out there, search inside and find that place that makes you feel completely is in there.

Be good.