Sunday, October 11, 2009

So long Summer, hello GRAPES!!

Yes, my friends, those beautiful purple orbs are grapes.  And no, we did not move to Napa (although I probably wouldn't hesitate if someone offered to send us there to live.)   Those Concord grapes were handpicked at our neighbor's (Dr. Larry).  We have also been the beneficiary of this lovely apple trees (thank you again Dr. Larry).

So I may just have to give up the title of Faux Martha and hand it over to the husband, Mr. Baux Martha...because he was the man behind our jam (not jelly, it has the skins in it so it is chunkier).  I helped skin the grapes, but really it was Josh who did all the work.  He got the recipe (thanks Susan!) and bought the jars and did all the prep work.....and it was awesome....I just took the pictures.

And this about dang sweet.  We were just spooning it out and eating it.   With the cold snap that recently hit, we just got another batch of grapes and so we hope to make some more in the next few days.  Maybe wine is next?

PS...all of my pictures are can always click on them and see them on a bigger scale, more blown up.

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