Tuesday, October 27, 2009

40 Things That I Want To Do Before I Turn 40

(idea stolen from here)

1)Go to Thailand/Bali.....somewhere or anywhere in that vicinity.
2)Write a children's book.
3)Go to Napa.
4)Learn to surf.
5)Spend more time camping with my kids.
6)Show my kids the joy of the ocean.
7)Go to Hawaii
8)Go on Colorado River Trip
9)Make an attempt every year to see my good friends (you know who you are)
10)Work more on giving away then acquiring
11)Eat more healthy
12)Go skiing (it has been awhile)
13)Let go of the bad stuff and appreciate the good stuff
14)Accept the things that I have been given in life
15)Save more money so I can go on all of these trips.
16)Try and read at least one book a month.
17)Take Josh to Cabo and go fishing for tuna and eat it raw on the beach with some wasabi.
18)See Oprah live.
19)(um having a hard time coming up with 40)
20)Camp in Havasupai
21)Go to many many good concerts.
22)Raise respectful and intelligent kids.
23)Laugh much and often...no matter what.
24)See my family more then once a year......
25)Save money for a fabulous retirement.
26)Have a family reunion with the Smith Girls side of the family.
27)Learn to garden like a pro and have an abundance of vegetables.
28)Enjoy my job.
29)Be active in my children's education.
30)Go to Greece and eat Greek Yogurt and eat Greek Salad.
31)Go to Tuscany and pick real olives from real trees.
32)Go on hikes with the kids.
33)Ride a horse at full speed.
34)Stare at many beautiful sunsets.
36)Use my sewing machine more.
37)See my siblings more.
38)Enjoy the arts.
39)Spend less time on my computer.
40)Eat good food.


Faux Martha said...

Oh yeah...#41...win powerball so I can take all of those trips :)

Anonymous said...

When it's time to pursue #18, I DO have a guest room. Heck, I've got enough room for say, two big people and two little people. I'm just saying.

And as for #31 - olives right off the tree are nasty things. I bet you want to go to Tuscany and buy good olive oil right from the farm where it was made - and at least two weeks in Tuscany to find the BEST oil :^)

Love you all much - A. Noona

Mommy Lisa said...

Good list - I did write a children's book before I was 40. I need an illustrater and a publisher now...

Anonymous said...

The tree photo is so enchanting.
It's talking to us. Maybe even winking it's eye. Hmmm...

Faux Martha said...

The tree is across the street and I had never noticed until a few weeks ago that it looked like a face.

The Media Grab said...

you can knock out 4,5,6 a little 34, 35, and 40 all in one fell swoop down this way. serious.