Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Come on people....it is PRESCHOOL

So maybe I read the directions wrong, but I swear the directions said something like "Work with your child to decorate the attached pumpkin(photocopied on white paper)....use things you have around the home, sequins, noodles, etc.)"

So I go to the kitchen I get a bowl of noodles, beans, fruity cheerios, toothpicks, popcorn and I bring them downstairs. I then grab orange, green, and black crayons.  I then grab the Elmers and with hesitation I set all of this down on the table in front of Miss K.  She with the biggest grin ever, goes to town "decorating" her pumpkin, with her style(i.e massive glue), in her own artistic manner. 

It dries and it looks really cool in a crafty sort of way.  (Side note: Mason her trusty sidekick also got to do the same.)

So today I put the "art project" in Kendall's backpack to send back to school (as we were directed).  I pick her up this afternoon and as I am walking down the hall, I suddenly stop to see the wall full of "decorated" pumpkins. 

Come on people....I may be wrong but about 50% of them were SOOO obviously done by the parents.  Everything so perfect and lined up.  One person had taken sparkly puff paint and followed all the lines of the pumpkin with the puff paint.....HINT HINT...kids at this age aren't really good at drawing a perfectly straight line, let along hold a bottle of puffpaint and draw a straight line.  I would KILL to take a picture of this madness but I am sure that would make me persona non grata at the next preschool meeting.  IT IS PRESCHOOL.....not Harvard. What a bad thing to teach your kids at an early age....

Give your kids some freedom people.  Lay down the old used tablecloth, pull out an apron and let your kids have some fun.  That is WHY they made Spray'N'Wash.


Anonymous said...

So where is a photo of the masterpiece?

Mommy Lisa said...

And all some stuck on glue needs is a LOT of hot water.


Seriously, that is about as bad as the cheering of some parents at BBLL's 3-5 year old soccer practice.

Marlys said...

LOL...oh, Beck, Thank gawd for YOU!
What a funny messy scene. I can SEE that grin on her face...lol
I agree, we need a picture!