Monday, October 19, 2009

Look up, yeah up there...see that.....

My MIL (aka Birdie) made it for me...isn't it cool? You are jealous...aren't ya???

I bet you are wondering what we have been up too...I know it was probably just THRILLING to read about our canning adventures (just you wait until I discuss us making applesauce)...but no, we actually do fun things around here....for instance:

We arrange marriage for our children (Mason 2, Lily almost 3, older woman):

We feed our kids to sheep.

We put our kids in cages and let them jump until they are so tired they want to take naps. (I failed to mention all the good germs I just exposed them too...)

We clone our kids......(isn't it odd how much they all look like each other?)

And we let them stare-all-googly-eyed at wierd mascots of unknown origin. 
You don't believe me....what is this thing? (it doesn't really matter, Kendall thought it was Gophy the Gopher..but what are the yellow flappy things on its face?)

We dog-pile on dad.

And we pile on dad some more.

We just like to have fun, and smile and be happy and "be a family"....and I love that kids say that everytime we are sitting together.....they say "we are a family".

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