Thursday, October 29, 2009

Confession time

It is so totally sick and wrong and over-the-top and GEEE-ROSSS that I  even contemplated spending $150 on Christmas cards.....

breath breath breath, but they are so cute.....


okay....I think I am okay with it.....I will get over it....I am not possibly spending that kind of money on cards and I would never try and "recreate/copy" their design...because that is wrong.  I just thought you should see the card that you will never get. 

Pretty cute...huh?


Mommy Lisa said...

Didn't you see my thing about the giveaway at Kodak Gallery? I got 60 cards and envelopes for $22.02.. and they have really cute designs.

It is not a nice mommy on etsy - it is Kodak getting your money, but Kodak employs nice mommies too. ;)

GML4 said...

Hmmm... not seeing a picture of your family... are you just talking about the card itself?

We send nearly 200 cards out every Christmas. We spend a couple weeks writing our "Christmas letter" and then still need to personally hand write a greeting on every single one... even just "Hope you had a great 2009, and an even better 2010!". We hand deliver what we can, but most get mailed out (another few bucks). It's a big job.