Friday, April 29, 2011

So much

We have a lot to discuss here.  I have little yellow post its all over of topics I want to discuss, but time has not been on my side lately.

First off, I am OBSESSED with this song.  I cranked it up in the car last night and then Mason fell asleep so I started to turn it down and Dilly asked me to turn it back up, so I know it is good if she likes it.   Read the words, they are truly delicious.

Helplessness Blues by the amazing and fabulous Fleet Foxes

I was raised up believin'

I was somehow unique
like a snowflake, distinct among snowflakes
unique in each way you can see.

And now after some thinkin'
I'd say I'd rather be
a functioning cog in some great machinery
servin' some thing beyond me

But I don't, I don't know what that will be.
I'll get back to you someday,
soon you will see.

What's my name, what's my station
Oh, just tell me what I should do
I don't need to be kind to the armies of night
that would do such injustice to you.

Or bow down, and be grateful
and say "sure, take all that you see"
to the men who move only in depleted halls
and determine my future for me.

And I don't, I don't know who to believe
I'll get back to you someday,
soon you will see.

If I know only one thing
Is that everything that I see
of the world outside is full of such wonder
that often, I barely can speak

Yeah, I'm tongue tied and dizzy
and I can't keep it to myself
what good is it to sing helplessness blues?
Why should I wait for anyone else?

And I know, I know you keep me on the shelf
I'll come back to you someday,
soon, myself.

If I had an Orchard
I'd work 'till I'm raw.

If I had an Orchard
I'd work 'till I'm sore.

And you would wait table 'till you ran the store.
Oh oh ohh.

If I had an Orchard I'd work 'till I'm sore.

Then I would like to discuss naivete' in children.  I like it.  I truly believe in being honest with your children and teaching them as much as you possibly can.  But at the same it is refreshing when they figure things out on there own.  The other day we went to eat at a small town restaurant.  As we were walking in, Kendall and Mason noticed the plethora of cigarettes on the ground(SAVEMOTHEREARTH) but look up and see a woman outside, at the same time, smoking.   Kendall says "Mom, why do people throw smoking sticks on the ground.  That is so gross.  Why don't they just throw them in the trash can?"  First of all, I love that she doesn't even know the name of smoking sticks.  I love that she has enough common sense (more than the average adult) to know that you throw your smoking sticks in the trash and I love even more that she still has the gall to say those things in front of the people smoking the smoking sticks.

My Goals for Summer 2011

1)Catch fireflies in jars
2)Grow a huge garden free of weeds.  Eat large watermelons.  Eat large cantaloupe. Grow big pumpkins for fall. 
3)Can lots and lots and lots of pickles and tomatoes.  Make a lot of fresh salsa.
4)Take massive amount of pictures.
5)Learn Photoshop. Learn Photoshop. Learn Photoshop(just trying to drill it in my brain.)
6)Get an old bike with a basket and ride it to the market.  And on trails. 
7)Run in the mornings. Get strong, toned legs.
8)Wear flip flops.  Teach the kids to ear flip flops (not sure how you teach that?).
9)Go camping. Go fishing.  Go on "creature hunts".
11)Close eyes, let sun bathe on me.
12)Wear sunscreen. Wear sun hats.
13)Eat outside. Picnic. Go to the beach on a whim.
14)Pick raspberries. Make raspberry jam.
15)Do cartwheels in the field.
16)Snuggle with the honeybun by the bonfire.  Snuggle with my kids by the firebon(that is what they call it).
17)Make smores.
18)Swim in lakes, in pools, in rivers.
19)Use the bug vacuum to explore.
20)Go to garage sales.


Lastly, my favorite new ETSY seller LemKa. All made of leather.  Purdy.

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Meri said...

I am looking so forward to the summer items on your list! Can't wait for the weather to cooperate. My version of "learn photoshop" is "learn wordpress"