Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bright Shiny Day

There is Irish in there.

Photo by child.

Catapillar eyelashes.

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Oh how I love this photo.

And I am reading "Bright Shiny Morning" James Frey and I absolutely love it.....pure brilliance.  It is one of those books that stick with you.


Meri said...

Too cute! It was such a nice sunny day today wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

What a fun journey of sunshine, milky
mugs, sparkley hair, sweet smiles,
l o n g legs, blue skies, 'ray bans',
and soothing, warmth of family. YUM!

fashioneggpplant said...

those pictures are lovely. your daughter's outfit is sooo cute. they're adorable. james frey is one of my favorite authors. read my friend leonard and a million little pieces in less than a week. i couldn't put it down. been wanting to get bright shiny morning for the longest time :)