Monday, April 25, 2011

A couple of housekeeping issues

Betty, as in Betty Crocker, sent me a free gift pack(I just picture her in a cute apron, walking down to her perfectly white mailbox, smelly her lovely lilacs and handling my package to the nice postman).  I am so not kidding you.  It was quite lovely, in it was a mixing bowl, a measuring cup, a spatula, a hot pad and a box of their new Loaded Mash Potatoes.  Interject here....I love spoonatulas (spatuloons?)...they work great and this bowl has a rubberized bottom for easy mixing.)  First off, I love free stuff and giveaways, so I was very excited to participate in this review of the product.  I made a full roasted chicken and as a side item I made the loaded potatoes.  To be honest, I was very leery.  Most box mashed potatoes taste like pulverized paper products.  But OH NO...not these.  They truly tasted like delicious potatoes (p.s. always use real butter that makes them even more delicious.)    The kids ate them and liked them which is a major test in itself.  They also are super fast to make, I think like eight minutes, tops.    The taste is deeper than other boxed potato mixes, you could taste the chives and bacon(oh and did I mention the hint of sour cream taste?  Sour cream is good in anything.  ANYTHING).  I even reheated some the next day at work and I would swear they were even better.

So anyways, the exciting part, is I get to give away the same set to one of you readers.  I am going to do the ole' pull the number out of the hat thing.  However, in order to participate you must send me a link to a recipe on the Betty Crocker website that you think is the most delicious thing you have ever laid your eyes upon. 

Nighty night Betty...thanks for the bake set.

PS: I received product information, a link to an online coupon, a prize pack for review and the opportunity to offer a prize pack for giveaway from Betty Crocker and MyBlogSpark.

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Anonymous said...

I had never been to the Betty Crocker
website. Holy Cow! There's a lot going on there. Found a yummy recipe
for Creamy Artichoke Appetizer that
sounded simple and made large quantity. Don't need the potato/cooking set, but it's sure nice to know Betty is still kickin' or is it lickin'?