Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where have I been?

New Years Resolution (if it is in a electronic format for everyone to see, then of course I will stick to them)

1)Spend less time on social media (aka Facebook)...but that is where us non-phone talkers like to hang.
2)Read more and visit my local library more (and well, keep working with the kids on their "library" voice)
3)Eat better foods. Become one with the KitchenAid.
4)Spend more time outside (camping, walking, gardening, moongazing, bonfires, etc.)
5)Traveling (up this year: New Orleans in March, Seattle in April, Mexico in May, Japan in June, perhaps something in August, Philly in December) and much more in between.
6)Read more with the kids.
7)Do more with less and be grateful for what I already have.
8)Perhaps I shall work on some of those million dollar ideas I have been carrying around? 
9)Get to AZ at least once this year.
10)Blog/write more?
11)A 5K?? Howabout a half marathon? 
12)See more good bands and continue to enrich my brain with damn good music.
13)Get rid of the monkeys on my back/the weight on my shoulders (so long! c-ya)
14)Just be grateful and see beauty. 

I am keeping it simple this year because that is what I want out of life right now.  Goodness and simplicity, nothing complicated. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These all sound great, but I especially like #4 and #9! There's nothing like some fresh air and
bountiful sunshine to rekindle
the spirit!