Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In My Ideal World

(Because you were just dying to know)

1)It would only snow on the weekends....and it would snow lots and we would bundle up and go outside and drink hot chocolate and eat homemade mac'n'cheese.  But it definitely would NOT snow during the week.

2)I would always have willpower...especially around the treats (i.e. swedish fish...those suckers talk to me...

3)That when I snapped my fingers or wiggled my nose, the house would be magically clean.

4)That my kids would never grow up. (or get worries, they don't have it, I just fear it.)

5)That things would slow down to an almost glacial pace so that I could feel as if I was enjoying more instead of scrambling so much. 

6)That when the President did his State of the Union address that everything he said he hopes happens, really does.

7)It may be a lot to ask considering #1, but sunshine, flowers and flip-flops all year long?

8)Travel times to various parts of the country/world that would only take a matter of minutes(and no 2 hour waits for security checkins....)

9)That Frye Boots and Orla Kiely handbags would be under the $10.00 mark......

10)That guns for assault purposes would cease to exist because they would be totally ask why...because in my world....there is no war and reason to kill (I know it is idealogical....but a gal can dream, right?)

11)That I would be a pro gardener and have no weeds.

12)That people would stop the sniveling, whining, bemoaning and worrying so much.  We can have our issues, but seriously on the BIGHUGEGRAND SCALE of life.....things are not so bad.  Our friend's teenage daughter just had two HUGE tumors the size of oranges removed from her neck after 6 hours of that is something you can rightfully worry and complain about....I am just putting it in in my ideal world, there would be no anxiety, no depression, just happy folks wandering the Earth, picking up the trash, recycling all that needs to be, no horrific tropical storms, healthcare to all,  yummy delicious healthy food available to all, no greed, good music, the smell of lilac bushes and cinnamon rolls filling the air and perhaps an abundant supply of swedish fish swimming about in the waters of the Earth, free for the taking(and they are a noninvasive species).....

Peace to you all...thanks for letting me dream.

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Mommy Lisa said...

Hmmm. Swedish fish in the waters. I might be on board with that one.

Sending good vibes, zen and prayers to the parents of the girl! :)