Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Little Pisces

My due date with Kendall was February 27, 2006.  She was born on February 28 after being dilated to 4 cm for not 1 day, not 2 days but 1 Friggin WEEK....oh and I danced at a wedding 4 cm dilated and still no labor....take that Women's Health Consultants!! (No just kidding, those guys were great, they just couldn't believe I hadn't popped that baby out yet).....  Now, I will be honest, as any pregnant woman kind of hopes, especially the first go around, that you are going to GO EARLY(and have a fast labor and no drugs and a perfect baby that doesn't cry or poop (J/K))..... and weirdly enough I was kind of hoping I would go early because I wanted Kendall to be an Aquarius.

I know, go call the cops or whatever, I am freak...the fact of the matter is, I happen to know a lot of amazing people and strangely enough, a lot of them are Aquarians (Time for full disclosure: I am an Aquarian....but I am not including myself in this group;) ) anyways back to my fantastic friends. They are all so genuine and kind and laid back and adventurous and well, HAPPY...they are just super HAPPY people and I so dig that.  Not to mention, we Aquarians keep good company with some pretty rockin celebrities.....(your asking, LIKE WHO??)

1)Ellen Degeneres
2)Oprah Winfrey
3)Paul Newman
4)Ayn Rand (one of my favorite writers)
5)Bob Marley (um, who doesn't LOVE Bob?)
6)Alice Walker (another one of my favorite writers)
7)Peter Gabriel
8)Jim Morrison
9)Abraham Lincoln
10)Charles Darwin
11)Francis Bacon
12)James Dean
13)Jules Vern
14)Franklin Roosevelt

(There are many many more and I could go on forever...)

But anyways, my dear Monks missed the February 19 cut off and was hence born a Pisces.  And let me say, the girl, is ALL PISCES...100% Grade A Pisces. Sensitive, CHECK.  Imaginative, CHECK 20 TIMES.  Thirsty for Knowledge, TRIPLE CHECK.   I would not be surprised if someday she is a fashion designer, actress, singer, screenplay writer, author or more.  And just to further back me up, I present to you the personality traits of a Pisces:

The Astrological birth sign of Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

is usually associated with being extremely creative, sensitive, and artistic, as well as a healthy fascination with the metaphysical and spiritual.
Pisces are the most intuitive and spiritually developed of the zodiac birth signs. Aptly called "old souls", Pisces thirst for spiritual knowledge and personal growth. They are the twelfth, and last, of the Zodiac signs, and as such, tend to have a more finely tuned intuition, sixth sense or extrasensory ability to perceive others feelings.

The duality of the Pisces personality is best described as a constant ebb and flow,

back and forth, straddling the physical, material world and the ethereal, divine realm where Pisces vivid imagination, powerful intuition and creative daydreaming feel like home.

Pisces are creators.

Pisces are common as inventors, writers, musicians, painters, and dancers. Pisces make great friends and mates. Pisces are extremely loyal and caring. Pisces often possess uncanny intuitive or psychic abilities.

Here are some famous Pisces:
1)Kurt Cobain
2)George Harrison
3)Johnny Cash
4)Liza Minnelli
5)Ansel Adams
6)Nat King Cole
7)George Washington
8)Edward Kennedy
9)Elizabeth Taylor
10)Fats Domino
11)Dr. Suess
12)Jane Goodell
13)Linus Pauling
14)Chuck Norris
15)Amelia Earhart

The stories and creative things she comes up with now are AMAZING...I can only imagine what she will be dreaming up as an adult.....

I am just so excited to see the person she turns into.


Anonymous said...

I thought your blog was going to be
in reference to "the princess" in
the photo. Thinking she probably said the word like "pisces". Duh!
You make a beautiful Aquarius, by
the way. The group members would
not be disappointed!

Mommy Lisa said...

Old soul I believe. Boo Boo always says - last night, last week, yesterday...Ms. K told me that she was doing something FIVE YEARS ago.

I believe her. ;)

jesi said...

Funny that I had the same feelings for both my girls, thinking they would/should be born one sign and they both pushed it through to the next one. Just one of the many lessons the have to teach us...they are who they are. It is our job to give them al they need to flourish within themselves, and from what I can see you are the best mama in the world Becky!!!