Thursday, January 14, 2010

A couple of my million dollar ideas

Honestly, my brain does not shut off.  At 1:00 this a.m. I was thinking about some wierd idea I have.  Okay, granted I do have a little sleep deprivation, but seriously, I am always coming up with ideas for the most random crap.

1)Idea #1:  The Girlfriend Travel company.....the deal is....we all have friends, but many times your likes/dislikes are nowhere in the realm of what your first ring of friends like.  Or for example you move to some new place and you don't have a lot of friends and you want to travel but don't really have a partner. Or maybe you are just into some wierd stuff and you seek people that get you.   So my idea would be to put trips together for likeminded people.  For example a yoga trip to an ashram in India.  A spa and shopping trip to Thailand.  A trip to Hawaii to learn to surf.  A culinary trip to Tuscany or Greece.  A shoe buying trip to NYC.  A costume trip to Comic-Con.   I did try and get the website and well...somebody has it already.  Another name?? ideas?

2)Idea#1: A dating website for people that may have a particular disorder/illness/disease.  I got this idea when I worked at the HIV/Infectious disease clinic.  A lot of the people with herpes always joked about us setting them up with other people in the clinic because would just be easier to relate.  Plus, then people could just be upfront and honest right off the bat if it was something they were embarassed about.  Or maybe they would like to find someone that knows what they are going through.  

So I am putting it out into the universe..or perhaps there is a zillionaire private equity guru out there who would like to invest?

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