Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What the heck?

(Picture me stepping on my soapbox--I actually like body wash--so if it makes you feel better, picture me stepping on a bottle of soap.)

What the heck?? When did "conservation" become a Demo/Repub issue. I am talking water conservation, oil conservation, land conservation and the sort (hell, let's throw fiscal/money conservation in there too). I don't care if you are the rightest of the right---conserving resources is a good thing for all parties involved. Speaking of stats--I don't know how true or accurate it is--but it was published--so the Iraq war is currently priced out at $3 Trillion. Supposedly, you would have to spend $110 million dollars a day for 83 years--in order to spend all $3 trillion. If that doesn't make you cringe, I don't know what will. Discuss.....

Now for some Funness (new word). Recent lessons in parenting, I have "learned":

First lesson of camping with infants/toddlers

1)No marshmellows before bed.....I mean really, how much sugar are in those things? Gram quantities? It would be great if they could make a marshmellow that had Niquil in it, but that still tasted like a marshmellow and got that pretty light brown coloring.

2)A tent is a useful thing for penning your children in. Next time I will remember to bring one.

3)In Minnesota, bug spray is the perfume of choice in the summer. I like the Family Formula--I smell beautimus.

Lake Powell Road Trip--here we come--30 days away.
Some pictures.....

(this pictures were taken moments after the monkey fell under the water---3 days later she still takes about the trauma of "being scared". How do moms/dads get over the fear of hoping their kids are safe??? I am a worry-wort. )


Mommy said...

Oh, I felt so bad for Kendall.

FYI, we are coming to the party for Mas-man. But, probably just me and the boo boo. Jake and Sarah have tournaments that day.

:) Happy Fouth!!

Albert......Jr that is. said...

I'm in.....We'll see you at Lake Powell in 30 days. We were in Mexico over 2 months ago. Still, every time Oliver hears the word "Ocean" he says "I got dunked" Nice post Becks!

Faux Martha said...

Bink--you and the fam are TOTALLY invited to come to Lake Powell....My mom and Mike, Dad and Kathy, Barbara Rodriquez (Dunn) and all of sibs will be there, along with all of our kids.