Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Past Lives

The blog has mostly turned into a forum for posting cute kid pictures (which I will do in a bit)...but just out of curiousity, do you believe in reincarnation or past lives?
I often get "vibes" about certain things and so here is what I have concluded:
1)In a former life/soul, I lived near the water....
2)In my former past, I had something to do with bridges. Built them, designed them, who knows.
3)I think you can look at a new baby and determine if they are an old soul or a new soul. Some just seem wise when they are born.

Sorry, that wasn't too in-depth, just some random thoughts.

One more thought for you, what do you think about nudist Olympics? I guess back in the day, the Olympics were done sans clothing. Rumor has it there is a group here in the US trying to get the Olympics to go back to the nudy days. Can you imagine? Gymnastics? Track and Field? I suppose the ratings would go up but I suppose you would have to have cable to actually watch them.

That would be my belt wrapped around the monkey--twice. No more organic food for her--she is going on a strict diet of peanut butter and Twinkies. Gotta put some fat on that kid.
"So Kendall, what did you think of that food mom made us tonight? Yeah, me too, I thought it was icksy."

This was the reason digital cameras was invented. You can take 48 pictures and still none of them has either child smiling and looking at the camera.

My hunt for the red bellied infant.

Why didn't I think of that? Cute kid's shirts


GML4 said...

Great pics and vid!

As one who's blog is lots of cute kids (and I get yelled at when I deviate from it...) I'll answer your question...


Though if I think about it... I would imagine most past lives would be pretty short... considering children mortality rates up until the last century.

Albert......Jr that is. said...

Nice pics beck. In my past life I was a halibut. I had both eyes on one side of my face and am able to see video that is turned sideways as normal. Love the blog Becks!

Albert......Jr that is. said...


I’m sending this as an e-mail…..because I’m not necessarily an aficionado of publishing my personal opinions on the net…..

I could give the standard disclaimer about noticing subliminal inner workings of the universe and being weird and too in-depth and everything……but I won’t.

1. The last few days, I have been thinking on the nose about past lives old souls and new souls.
2. Last night I watched a cheesy Jackie Chan film called The Myth….about past lives.
3. This morning I was on my way to work and thinking about past lives with the specific inquiry to myself if I am an “Old Soul” or a “New Soul”….I also was having a side conversation in my head, also with myself, and wondering if an Old Soul can be a little immature?
4. Today you just happened to have a new post…..title: Past Lives.

Weird….I think Not…or maybe so….okay, not weird if you’re an Old Soul…weird if your Immature

Okay, I’ve changed my mind. I didn’t want to be too existential on the net….but I’ll let you choose. I’m going to post this as a comment and see if you want to allow it……are you Old Soul Becks?

The Media Grab said...

up until i met my wife I thought I was one of those old souls.. turns out (after extensive research) I am a total newby... anyway

Faux Martha said...

I do think things happen for a reason. I was thinking about it yesterday and certain day to day things seem so familiar and strong.

I would say I am a "middle of the road" soul. Some days I feel wise and mature and knowledgable, other times I feel immature, naive and stupid. When I look at my kids, I feel like Kendall has a young soul and Mason has an old soul. Josh definitely has an old soul.

Birdie said...

And did you imagine that THIS topic would get you the most comments ever?? WOW

I'd agree about KQ and Mace, and especially about Josh. Even as a kid (how to explain?) he never hesitated to DO whatever he wanted to do...not defiantly, but just because there was so MUCH to try--like he was re-visiting all the stuff he'd ever enjoyed, ya know? LOL...the vid of Mace climbing the stairs was exactly how Josh woulda done it. Not afraid, not hesitating and not mindful of your protective hand there just-in-case. And that delighted little whoop before he started--LOL--sooo Josh! Like he was saying, "Another great TREE to climb!"

Kendall seems to see the whole world as NEW. She had a sense of humor as a tiny baby, remember? LOL...she sees Mason's tree and says, "Oh, wow--so BIG--such rough bark--look at the birds and kakoons in it--it's so GREEN--lemme climb it!" 'Course, that whole thought goes through her head in a split second and she's halfway up the tree before you can put your hand out...lol

As for you--or me--I think you have to have lived many times before you get to be a mom.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!