Saturday, July 26, 2008

One year

It is interesting when you are pregnant. If you tell people what you are having (girl, boy)--in many cases they will say something like, "Oh, boys are such a handful." or "Girls are so much easier then boys." "Boys are way more laid back and easier to deal with." Of all the people I talked to, it was about 50/50 that boys/girls are easier/worse then the opposite sex. I have truly enjoyed seeing the differences between Mason and Kendall. I love thinking of how genetics made such different kids, and yet, they both have the same hair color.

One year ago, we were blessed by the birth of Mr. Mason. This past year has taught me more then I could have ever known. The biggest things I have learned are:

1)Be more patient.

2)Who cares if your house is dirty?

3)Having two little ones, close in age, was the best decision I could have ever made.

Mason is a gentle giant. He is sweet and cuddly and he adores his sister. Don't get me wrong, the kid is all BOY!! He has already attempted to climb to the 4th wrung on the ladder going up to our loft. He is also so much like his dad. He loves buttons and gadgets and lights and wires and all those nerdy things. But just last night, I observed his love for the kitchen (maybe, a future Anthony Bourdain?)---he loves the mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons (and did I mention a super healthy appetite?). All in all, I can't wait to see what kind of man he will turn into.
I wanted to post a bunch of new videos and pictures, but because so many people are running their air conditioners on our power grid, our cable modem is more later.

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GML4 said...

Happy Birthday Mason!