Friday, February 8, 2013

Class Reunions

(wow, chatty cathy....three posts in two days-must be a full moon or tainted water or that extra vitamin D  i am taking)

So, this summer, surprisingly, I have my 20 year class reunion. Surprisingly because I am pretty sure i just graduated a few weeks ago.   So I grew up in a smaller town, three high schools, a little under 200 people in my class.  The people that I went to high school with are the same people that I played in the sandbox with.  The same people that i have naked baby pictures with.  So I am going to go against the grain and actually be excited to go see my long time friends.  I only say this because it seems like people have such hang ups about high school and reunions in general.  WHY??  For a moment I did have a hang up about it but that was only because I thought I should have a hang up about it.   It is all about living with no regrets, grabbing that bull by the horn.  I am excited to catch up, see baby pictures, here about the divorces and new careers.  And really, who doesn't just love Flagstaff in the summer? 

See you in June!! 

PS Once again sorry about the F-bomb.

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