Thursday, February 7, 2013


I turned 38.  I looked in the mirror that day at work and I thought "Should I really be wearing what I am wearing? Isn't it a bit goofy?  Should I be dressing a little more mature, a little less funky?  Are those crow's feet?.....and then I thought, FUCK IT.  I am myself and if we all were to act the same things would be soo damn boring.  And then, later that night, Mason said something to me (it is a secret for now) and I thought, WHY am I not making "this"(what he said) into a children's book?  So, four pages later, we are on our way and here's to hoping it is amazing.and that I finish it. and it sits on their shelf some day.

So at 11:38pm tonight I came across this video and there really are no is truly amazing and timely and touching. There are people who will read this blog that it touches a little more and for you people, I want you to know that you mean the world to me....really truly more than I can ever tell you and more than you will ever know.  You are the salt of the earth, the light of this world.

'The Light That Shines' a story for all from on Vimeo.

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