Sunday, February 24, 2013

6 to 7

My soon to be seven year old is asleep upstairs.  She is not feeling well.  The one really good thing about when she isn't feeling well is that she is extra snuggly. I am just hoping it is a quick bug.   My girl, Dill, she is a force to be reckoned with.  Age 6 was an amazing year.  She learned to ride her bike.  She learned to read. She got several 10 out of 10s on her spelling tests.  She started worrying about her hair.  Her clothes. She is really worried about her teeth.  She has no loose teeth at this point (we have confirmed with her dentist that there are teeth on the xrays).  She worries that Mason will lose his teeth before she does.  It is the worrying that worries me.  I don't want this sweet 7 year old to have anxiety about such silly things.  I just want her to live carefree at this point.  Her love for tape and glue has caused some problems but I am so grateful her imagination runs wild.  She is not much of a tv or movie watcher.  She loves to eat.  She loves going to Pizza Ranch.  She is a bossy pants.  She just got a library card.  And this week, at age 7, she will get her ears pierced.  She is ready. 

I love you dear daughter to the moon and back several 100 times.  I love every inch of you.  I love your giggle, your singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" every night.  I love your silliness.  I love your crazy stories. I love your career choices.  I love you so much. 

Below are some pictures of a recent trip to Arizona.  Oh what fabulous time I had.  I got to see my new niece. I got to see my 93 year old grandmother. I got to spend Valentines Day with my brother and his kids.  I got sit and chit-chat with mama in the kitchen.  I am beyond blessed.

PS MOM...check out this little cart.  My popsicle stand?  Your baking stand?  Oh the possibilities:

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Mommy Lisa said...

It amazes me with the food truck craze we don't see ice cream trucks more in our neighborhood. They would rake it in on the parkway over the summer. The place is like 35W at rush hour.