Thursday, July 7, 2011


Downright giddy......

First things first.  Well, I think my penchant and love for entering contests and sweepstakes is not unknown on this blog. But the deal is, I never ever win.   I think it is that sort of "eternal dreamer"-thing I have going on where I actually think that I am going to win a dream vacation or a washer/dryer set or camera or a years worth of laundry detergent.....BUT GUESS WHAT..I won.....I actually friggin won something!!!  And it is so COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. 

So Mrs. Emily Rooney custom made this piece of art for me. (she has made two others for me, here and here It is hanging (sitting) in my office right now and it is my mantra.  The real quote is a Buddhist quote that I altered slightly to reflect the life I want to lead.  I just absolutely love it.  I love it so much, that I am probably going to have to decorate a whole room around it ;)  Thank you so much Emily!! 

As for life, well it is a tad nuts these days.  We sold our house and are getting ready to take the plunge and empty out our house.  I am thinking about a garage sale, but my inner lazy bum says donate it all.  We will see.  We will be moving to the little 1 bedroom cabin that sits in our little paradise as we work to either build a house or work to find another house.  You are thinking...did she say  1 bedroom cabin??  Yep,  1 bedroom.  1 bedroom with a crooked floors and cottage kitchen. 1 bedroom, 4 people.  It is scary and exciting all at the same time. 

So I know awhile back I said I was quitting television, well I tried and it didn't work so well and I still ended up watching the trashy housewives.  BUT, guess what....three weeks ago, we came home to find that the cable television we had been receiving for free (we weren't pirating it) for 10 years...was cut off......WE WERE CUT OFF COLD.  No warning.  Nothing. Like cutting a junkie off,  I was totally sad at first but now I have found I have no excuse and have been getting more done. I think I will survive....I am not so sure how in the one bedroom cabin over winter, but that is why we have Netflix. All in all, there is a reason the universe doesn't want us watching cable. 

Some summer photos.....

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Meri said...

awww I LOVE the beach pics. I'm glad you finally won something- and you're right, its really cool. Looks like your style too!