Sunday, July 31, 2011

In The Moment

On Thursday at yoga, Stephanie was talking about how we need to be in the moment more.  Stop worrying about all the details, what you are going to wear to the party, are you going to have fun?  And man did it so resonate with me.  Last week was my son's birthday and at the last minute, the birthday party got completely flipped upside down. I was so stressed and frantic and frustrated and grumpy and in the end, he had a total blast.  SO was it worth all the stress and anxiety...NO. So Friday night, was the complete opposite.  I grabbed some margarita mix/tequila limes we had and hiked over to my neighbors and within hours an impromptu neighborhood party began and it was surely a magical night.  We laughed endlessly. We shot off fireworks.  We each went around a circle and each told the story about how we met our spouse/S.O. and then the story about we got engaged.  Did I mention we laughed?

The next day we took the kids out on the boat and swam.  My water babies, they love it.....just like me.  And then the day ended with the most blood orange sunset.  And then more fireworks....a 30 minute display at some private residence.  (Did I mention I LOVE fireworks? )

Today,  I made pesto.  Well, I think I made pesto.  I asked the husband to grab basil from the garden and I think he came back with oregano.  Oh well, it still turned out pretty good.

Good weekend. Really good weekend.
Random boy jumping on rope swing.

Turning blonde


Dill making rope swing jump.


Meri said...

Wow- those sunset pictures are incredible! The sun looks huge! Way to enjoy the summer!

Anonymous said...

Your photography is superb! But, even though the sunset is an easy gem to capture, the photos of the kiddos
are truly the special shots. They are so beautifully sun-kissed and in their moment. Thank you for sharing the delights of your fun summer!