Sunday, July 10, 2011

Recent observations

1)I have a ton of cookbooks, in fact, I have three boxes worth.  WHY AM I NOT COOKING MORE?  No excuses.

2)In all situations, kids + water = happy children.

3)Mexican themed parties are always successful.  It must be the tequila?

4)We are going to be eating very creatively the next few weeks as I attempt to get rid some of the stuff we have frozen. Note to self: be sure to label bags/containers with ingredients so you know what you are attempting to eat.

5)Raspberries off the bush, taste the best.  Rhubarb pie made from your garden is divine.

6)My sesame is growing well, what am I going to do with it?

7)I rode my bike to the local farmers market Saturday under grey skies...and it felt soooo good.

8)I am overjoyed that my daughter loves spaghetti because I hated it at her age.

9)I am reading Just Kids by Patti Smith about her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe.  Totally fascinating.

10)Fireflies are the best.


Meri said...

I love each and every one of these! I read part of Just kids but then had to return it to the library because of waiting list. argh! I'll have to finish it!

Mommy Lisa said...

OMG - I want to read that book. And Ugh - been being creative with the freezer lately. And its been too hot to actually cook much. ;)