Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Boy (and a few of My Girl)

I have heard people say that big birthday parties for little kids are kind of silly because they won't remember them.....but I totally disagree.  One day a year totally devoted to celebrating a child is worth it....especially when you get to see all the grins that come from that celebrating.  Granted, Mason wanted and begged and asked for and cried tears for a SHOTGUN.  Yes, you heard that right.  The boy wanted a SHOTGUN for this birthday.  First off,  I am not sure he even knows what a SHOTGUN is(I am really not even sure how he heard of this intriguing SHOTGUN)...but he was pretty set on getting one.  And oddly enough, he knows what the size of  SHOTGUN should be...as the first present he walked up to to open was a fishing pole (thank you dada)...and he tore up the long present hoping it was a SHOTGUN. But needless to say, the boy was very content with his fishing pole.  Although the thing that brought him the most joy....not the cupcakes, not the facepainter and balloon artist, not the Buzz Lightyear toys, it was the free will and ability to shoot every single guest with a squirt gun.....further evidence below. 

Dilly getting ready for a birthday party.

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Mommy Lisa said...

I am totally sad we had to miss that party! :( Glad to see Mason had fun!