Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I covet these cowboy boots

I also wouldn't mind the skinny legs that fit in them.....(image is clickable if you want FULL detail perspective)

Just your everyday average pair of cowboy boots to wear around the house.......with dangling peace signs....I wonder what size they are?

Here is the striking fellow that wore them:

Ahhhhh to be a rockstar or to at least be the follower of rockstars.....what a fun life.


Anonymous said...

I think his ornate jacket is pretty cool, as well. Hmmm, wonder where he shops for such eccentricities.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! Sorry I haven't been in touch. Still glad to see you're using the Eblog...I'm not so good with this facebook stuff...Like taking a shower and everyone's watching. When Sam was going through his "biteing phase I thought of you and Bink..Thank God it didn't leave a scar. Can't make it to your Mom's BD cause of my Dad's problems but will be there in spirit. One Day we'll get all the kids together. Love you