Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yep, you heard that right.  I am having a contest.  As it was, I was sailing down 394 when my favorite DJ Mary Lucia from The Current 89.3 asked for callers to win tickets to Tegan and Sara.......SHAZAAMMM POW WOW!!!! I was the winner....the winner of a PAIR of tickets.  Wednesday March 24 in the evening at the Orpheum you shall have the fortune (or misfortune) to attend with me....and NO....I don't know if the tickets are good.  We could be sitting the bathroom for all I know, but at least we will have fun. 

The rules are the following:

1)You must be fun.
2)You must like great music.  Celine Dion does not count as great music. 
3)You must be interested in getting dinner/drinks beforehand. 
4)You must pay for your own airfare if you are from out of state (sorry, I haven't won powerball yet.)  I do have a hide-a-bed so I can provide you with a space to crash. 

To enter this contest, you must listen to the attached Tegan and Sara song  "Where Does The Good Go?  and answer ONE of the questions posed in the song.  I will likely employee the help of some neutral party to help me pick a winner. 

Disclaimer: I know the song is kind of depressing but it is in NO WAY an indication of my current state of mind or my marriage or anything (I am very happy right now, especially because I get to finally see these guys live)....I really only thought up this contest in the past 10 minutes hence why it is not that thought out...but we will just deal with it.  I do, however,  encourage positive, funny, interesting and gregarious responses. 

I will choose a winner by Wednesday March 10.....let your creative juices flow.......

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Mommy Lisa said...

What do you do with the left over you?
Leftover Lisa
Bar in NE Mpls
Long Island Teas
Summit Pale Ales
Cute Boy singing Roy Orbison's “Pretty Woman”

Pre-heat with a warm June evening
Mix the pot with good friends
Sit Boy next to Leftover Lisa on barstool
Give out telephone number
Let simmer for 30 days and propose…