Sunday, February 7, 2010

Star of the Week

Dilly is "Star of The Week" at preschool.  She gets to do "show and tell" with 3 things and she can bring in a treat.  I gave her the "Star of The Week" bag and she immediately runs upstairs and without thinking stuffs it with a bunch of random toys; a chainsaw, some doll clothes, a plastic fork.  Okay, I admit, I intervened....none of them are even close to representing I pulled all the stuff out and I put in Thomas The Train, her be all and end all of ultimate toys.  She grabbed a page of pictures from when she was a baby and we put those in.  And then we put a drawing in that she had done was a homemade "invitation" she had done for her birthday party coming up.

So let me tell you about my Star.....

1)I love her eyebrows so immensely, they make my heart weak.....
2)She could pretty much eat peanut butter and toast for the remaining days of her life, if she had too. And all would be good in the world for her.
3)When we bake cookies, she pretty much tastes every single ingredient.  She always tastes the flour and the baking soda.  She never learns and then next time, she does the same thing.
4)She is quite bossy, but in a creative sort of way.  She will tell Mason, "you are a baby" and "I am the mama" and for two hours she will boss Mason around, changing his diaper, making him take naps, putting pacifiers in his mouth and so on, and they just love it.
5)She says she hates all dogs.....and she only likes kitties.  I have yet to figure out where that fear came from....
6)I will forever love that she calls me her Mama......
7)I love that she will put on pink pants and a kelly green shirt and then she will "match" them with a kelly green barrette and a pink barrette.
8)She will hold my cheeks and clear the hair from my forehead and say "I love you" and I just know that it is coming from the deepest part of her heart and mind and it hits me so hard. 
9)Her Daddy is by far her best friend (next to Mason).
10)She pretty much crawls in our bed every morning at 5:00 am and I just know being between Mom and Dad, it is her happy place.  And I am totally fine with that.

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