Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shout out!!!

Here is a VERY PUBLIC SHOUT OUT LOUD....THANK YOU!!!!!  Seriously, one of the best birthdays ever that I can remember, but being as I am now 35, I am getting kind of forgetful, so I have probably had other equally as great birthdays, but this one is just in the forefront of my mind now. The day started off with Josh and I attending a parent-teacher conference for the Masonator.  Gift #1: The teacher says Mason is a gentle soul.....very sweet and an excellent little man and student.  OHHHHH, and Mason has now gone two weeks of pretty much wearing undies (a few small accidents), but we are well on our way to being a diaper free home....whoop whoop!!

(Interject: Gift 1.5 was a free drink at Caribou....the White Chocolate Mocha with Skim....I quit drinking them a few weeks ago to follow my diet better, but today was my birthday....a little extra sugar and chocolate are a good thing sometimes.)

Gift#2: Although this is somewhat random, I get to work and there is a message on my voicemail.....from who?  Well, from D.A. the CEO of my company.......calling to wish me a very happy birthday.  You are thinking, why is this a gift?  Well, I am ever more thankful that I can work at such a nice company that the CEO calls to wish each employee happy birthday.  I am truly blessed to have a good job in this this economy and that I am surrounded by excellent management and that I am learning a lot.  Oh and did I mention I get to go to New Orleans in 4 weeks, for work???

Gift#3: I am at my company's exercise facility and I am huffing and puffing away on the eliptical (sp?) when at this moment, I realize.....this is where I can meditate each day.  So I close my eyes and pray. The gift was that time and moment to do that.

 Gift#4: I get home and there is this cute little box sitting on the I open it  and OH MY, am I ever a sucker for sophisticated packaging and marketing.....check it out:

Beeswax Candles and Plates and Napkins to boot

YUMMMMMMMMY, chocolate espresso cake from Auntie K.....thx, pax

Gifts #5, #6---my presents from my parents......My Mom and Mike, such a great gift givers, gave me not one great book, not two great books, but three amazing books:

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
The Backyard Homestead (the guide on how to produce all the food you need on just one quarter acre)
Baking by Dorie Greespan (the bible of baking)

My Dad and Kathy gave me an awesome new volleyball and some money to go out to lunch with the family. 

(You are starting to is she spoiled and I am telling you....YES I AM.)

Gift#7--AMAZING FRIENDS and a SUPER FANTASTIC WONDERFUL I had planned a bowling night...not to celebrate my birthday, but just to go bowling.  I honestly don't know anyone that thinks bowling is can be horrible at it (ME--see my score below) and still have a total blast (ME).  BUT my loving husband surprised me by bringing in cake and song and embarrassing the heck out of with 3 lanes and about 18 people, we boogied and laughed and cheered and imbibed and I just couldn't wipe the smile off my face when we left.....So thanks to all of you who made my 35th birthday so fun and amazing.  

(okay, the truth is that my only complaint is about the whole day was the  endless rap and hip/hop being played at the bowling alley)....I thought it was called ROCK N BOWL......


Anonymous said...

So you scored a SEVENTY NINE in
bowling!?*@ Went down in the gutter eh?

Faux Martha said...

We played 3 games and I think that 79 was my best game...terrible terrible bowler.....

Mommy Lisa said...

That WAS fun!

Mommy Lisa said...

I tried to get the DJ on our side! :)