Monday, July 13, 2009

Okay....big news

No, I am not pregnant.
But I did start a new blog. There is a song that goes something like "My thoughts are so loud, I can't hear myself speak"....well...that is why I started another blog. I have so many damn things rolling around in there that I have to put them somewhere, so here you go:
Actually I have two blogs in the works but the Stereotype one is a little heavy and requires more of an undertaking.
Enjoy......oh yeah, no worries, Martha will continue to ramble about funerals and alt bands....
and one for good(cute) measure:
Mason and Spot (the baby rabbit) that fell into our window well.

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Anonymous said...

I actually liked your blog. You had followers, fun and fabulous ramblings. Good luck trying to keep both blogs afloat and fluttering.