Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Boy....

celebrated his 2nd birthday yesterday. He really loves swimming and so we had decided to go Baker Park Reserve because they have really nice swimming beaches. Well, with what feels like FALL..arriving early, we had to stick to grilling and playing in the park.
Let me take a moment to tell you about my boy. He is actually quite chatty and joyful, but when he gets in a group, he is the one that sort of circles from the outside observing what others are doing. At his own party yesterday I watched him do that and that is fine. Someday he is just going to explode with information because he has been sitting back taking it all in.
I will make soup for him and Kendall and undeniably, Kendall eats all the noodles and Mason eats all the veggies. They are pair made for each other. And most times that is true. They play pretty well together and he really looks up to his big sister...copying many of her actions. But the one thing that I love is that he loves to dance. A random song will come up and I can almost guarantee that if I turn to look at him, he will be dancing. That must be a sign of a happy kid?
I look at his beautiful face and he never fails to smile at me. He isn't chubby but he just has these soft little legs....not quite muscular yet, but with a tinge of baby fat that I know will disappear soon (but that I pray doesn't). He is so gracious, always saying "Bless you" and "thank you". He calls his shoes...foos...and he loves dapes (grapes). He is still very gentle, he kisses Kendall and he plays with dolls and yet, he loves to go over to Dad's tools and help Dad fix the tractor. Two years ago he was born and I was scared. I thought how the hell am I going to be able to take care of two kids. I felt horrible that I wouldn't be able to be entirely devoted to Kendall and then someone said to me "your love doesn't divide, it just doubles" and that is most surely the case.
Then two weeks after Mason was born he had to go to Children's hospital because he got a fever. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever endured...way harder then birth. He had to have a spinal tap and multiple IVs....a 2 week old.....and I should only be so lucky that it was only a fever. With Kendall I was a good mom, but at that moment in the hospital, I finally learned that you have to stand up for your kids. These nurses were constantly waking him up and poking him and then he got a rash all over and I just couldn't take it anymore. I called the doctor in said that it needed to stop. He needed to sleep, I needed to nurse and that they could occasionally check him but they needed to let him rest. I guess my point for telling you all of this is that I thank Mason for bringing joy in my life every hour of every day. He is helped me to be a better mom and I hope I help him to be a better boy. I so look forward to seeing what kind of boy/man he turns into. A few years ago I got some rings made because I wasn't one of those people that wanted a tattoo, but still wanted something on my body that reminded me of my family.
My first ring says JM LOVE JM LOVE
My second ring says KQ PEACE KQ PEACE
My third ring says MM PATIENCE MM PATIENCE
Mason taught me to slow down, breathe a lot more and just realize that all that other stuff floating around is just stuff. I love you my sweet boy.

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Mr. Fuccioni said...

Thats what I'm talking about. Love this post. O-man likes to dance at random also. I tend to hop on the sole train when he does. Automme just shakes her head and smiles. We may have alternative dancing styles. You inspired me Becks. I have tatoos for my mom, bro, and dad. I will now be getting some new tattoos.