Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, my train lovin' fool

So as some of you may know...Miss K is OBSESSED with trains, Thomas the Train, Diesels, Engines.....on and on and on. So we reluctantly agreed to throw her a train birthday party....but in the end I like that she is unconventional. So this is a video of the cake I am considering I on crack? It shouldn't be that hard..right?


Marlys said...

Awwww, Becks! She'll absolutely LOVE that cake!!
What a SUPERMOM--you could pipe a smile on the front of the "tank" piece and skip the candy-and-gumdrop light. (See? always trying to cut sugar from their diets--YAY!)

Janet said...

It looks fantastic, Becky! Go for it!!

Anonymous said...

It's a cute cake but, in the interest of the child, I think you should leave the construction of it to a visiting semi-professional wannabe. A train like this should properly have double-stuff Oreos for wheels and let's face it, you'd probably use disks of tofu and frost the whole thing with hummus, thus scarring the child for life. Here is your chance to let the visiting wannabe do it (and also to save thousands on the therapy poor Kendall would need to deal with the trauma from seeing a hummus and tofus train cake). It would also keep the visiting semi-professional wannabe from running the streets and getting in trouble.

Faux Martha said...

Dear Anonymous,

If you feel that my tofu and hummus train would not be up to the liking of several toddlers, then I will accept your offer to make the train cake for the kids. Thank you so much for the offer...apparently I am just way out of touch with what kids want these days. I tried mixing cauliflower in their macaroni and they almost had a mutiny. Thanks so much Noonie!!!

Mommy Lisa said...

Becky! Now I will actually have to make boo boo's cake next year?