Friday, February 13, 2009


So a sweet little birdy mailed us a slab of creamed butter and sugar, otherwise known as caramel, or in some circles it is referred to non-narcotic crack. This person (Noonie)---felt that she might be able to convince Josh and I to jump off our wheatgrass wagon.... NOSIREEE.....not us...we are sticking to our Tofurkeys and sprouts and other things that those vegan-like people would eat.
This person (Noonie)...also staged sort of a culinary intervention..because she really felt that it was unfair for our kids to live in our sugarless society. And being as we know she is of sound mind and sound advice...we rolled up our sleeves...and bit in. By the way, my dentist, Dr. Osterbauer, he thanks you.


Marlys said...

Noonie called and said that chunk left her house with only a corner missing.
The picture, however, looks like there are BITE MARKS on the end. I think the post office messed with your caramel, since there's no other possible explaination...

Mommy Lisa said...

I gave you an award, come check it out!!! See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Faux Martha where are you?