Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stinky Poos......

Do you think stickers on the tummy= lifetime of tattooing?
"Look here Mom, there is one pumpkin and there are two of us kids....what's the deal??"
"Yuummmm, this box elder bug is delicious. There is a hint of woodsy, nuttiness with a smidgen of pesticide that just tastes delicious...."
"Mom, this leaf matches my jacket......and is as big as my head. Now get to work cleaning up this yard."


Birdie said...

Naw, I think stickers when young take care of the tatoo urge for a lifetime--I personally love the green sticker right IN her belly
Oh, and I like the new look, BTW. Makes the pics pop!
Rob's Florida cocktail party is tonight--he said he really hopes he'll get and invitation to yours, ok?

Mommy said...

So Zoo, then blog?