Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Friends and Family.....

As the holiday season approaches, the following question has been raised "What are you doing for the holidays?" Well, the deal is, if we win Powerball we will be taking all of you to some desert oasis where we can drink Cranberry Margaritas and eat turkey enchiladas.
But being as the chances of winning Powerball are not in our favor, we will have to likely take up some other plans. With the economy the way it is and the cost of plane tickets, we will likely stay here in Minnezona (as Kendall calls it).
HOWEVER, I would like to extend a generous hand out to all of you and say, that we would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you wanted to come visit us. We will cook you good meals, you can sleep on our hideaway bed, we will show you the city and more. If you want to go to Cabela's we will take you there....if you want to go to the Mall of Ameria....we are all over that, or if you want to just relax and watch Netflix.....we are down with it. Please just know that we would love to have you.
PS: No subliminal messages/pictures were used in this letter as a way to make you want to come visit us ;)


A.J. said...

Something in there compelled me....I cant say exactly what..??? I'll be having a few guests of my own this year...maybe next year?

Lemony said...

I suppose you mean the out of town relatives... I'm guessing that you would just send us home if we showed up demanding food and entertainment:-) That said, we should get together soon, or maybe rent a cabin somewhere some weekend so we can hang out and schmeckle our super cute niece and nephew. (For some reason they're on my mind right now...)

Anonymous said...

Keep those fantastic photos coming!
You should go to: or the for some amazing dessert recipes. What are your kids dressing up as, for Halloween?