Monday, June 16, 2008

Ka-Koons. Heaven. Sunny Days.

If you get the chance, head to the Reading Terminal Market in Downtown Philadelphia. Seriously. 70 Varieties of food = Heaven = Yummy.

No really, the best part is the Amish section. I tell you what, those Amish know how to bake. And the girls that work there are just amazingly beautiful. I had cinnamon rolls and homemade oatmeal cream pies. I had to resist the buttermilk and shoo-fly pies. Please spread some of my ashes in the Reading Terminal Market.
The only bummer part of going to Philadelphia is that next weekend is the Olympic Gymnastic trials and I am going to miss them. Who says Stem Cells and balance beams don't mix?
A couple of pictures of carbohydrate heaven.

Some people call them cinnamon rolls, I call them crack cocaine.

Now on to the Ka-Koons. So you know, kids say the darndest things. Juice boxes are sandboxes at our house. And well, Raccoons are Ka-Koons. So we are sitting there, I am busy feeding the monkeys and Mason just starts SQUEALLLLING.....out on the deck is mama Ka-Koon....fat as can be circling our grill. So I watch her for a bit and then off she goes. A few minutes go by and what do I see, two baby Ka-koons hissing at me (nice little rhyme). Up in the tree, at arms reach, is this sad little duo. Who says nothing exciting happens in the suburbs??

Check out the kiddos at the park......

Life is good.


Albert......Jr that is. said...

Good to see "Martha" living up to her name with the food. Nice pics sis!.....kakoons and bufaros (that's Buffalo's to you and me)

Lemony said...

Too cute. We have the occasional kakoon here in the city, but nowhere that baby Josie will be able to see them easily. (mostly I see them slipping down storm sewers...) Hmmm. I still don't think we'll be moving to the burbs...

Birdie said...

WOW--that second last pic (KQ on the slide) is SOOO baby Becky! Look at those

Ask Josh how he pronounced "pigeons" as a kid :^)

Love ya, Damma