Monday, April 22, 2013

Ahhhhh, the wayside, that is what it looks like.

HELLOO Friends and Mom(s).....nope I didn't win Powerball.  Nope I wasn't off training for a marathon. No I am not laid up in bed with the bird flu (I did get strep, a double ear infection and a sinus infection, all in well fell swoop....the feeling was similar to that of a pressure cooker in your brain...thank heavens for the miracle drugs of antibiotics and ibuprofen.)  I had to pause this post and go look the last time I wrote and oh my was freakin Feburary.  Yuck.   What have I been doing??? Ahh geez, I read some books.  I drove 1500 miles to the panhandle of Florida to see pregnant dolphins and watch my kids chase sand crabs in the dark with flashlights.  I went to Boston, snapped pictures of the Finish Line and then two days later a bomb went off in the same spot.  AND well, there has been snow and more snow and mushy snow, and wet snow, and snowflakes and dumpings of snow.   Oh and I started the Downton Abbey Series (love!).  As always, here are some views from this crazy good life, in somewhat chronological order:

Early March:

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Anonymous said...

Well I'll be darned, she's back!
Delightful array of photos. There's
so many very special pictures. None
of you tho'. Good you survived the
crud, flu, strep, cold, sinus,
headache, sore throat, chills, body ache BUG. Soak up some sun!