Monday, April 2, 2012


FIRST OFF....this is a must read.

It was one of those things you needed to read right at that exact moment.  I was reading it on my phone and it was like getting hit with a brick, upside the head, coming at you at warp speed.  This is my life.  I go on my computer and sit for hours...surfing all over, making myself think I am being productive (all the while wondering how I could blow so much money on a gym membership I never use. But all the while using the "excuse" that I never have time to work out.) 

I go shopping, looking for good deals.  Forming relationships with STUFF....rather then people or finding myself in fulfilling moments. Buy stuff, get rid of stuff, buy more stuff, get rid of more stuff. Stuff. 

And then with that laziness comes lazy eating.  Papa Murphys one night.  Frozen dinner.  Eat out.  What are veggies?  Eat out again.  Hot lunches for the kids. annoying. 

So I logged on to Facebook. Closed my account. Walked outside, cleaned out a few of the gardens.  Made a great dinner.  We will read books.  Go to bed at a decent hour.  Sign up for yoga again.  Nourish. 


Anonymous said...

Huh, no more Facebook? I think Terry would like it if I quit.

GML4 said...

Been meaning to tell you I really enjoyed this post. It's always good to step back and enjoy the life around you. Best wishes this Spring!