Monday, May 9, 2011

Day of the Mom

Well, the reality is.....time is short.  A friend was just getting her daughter ready for her senior prom this weekend and was telling me how totally unbelievably hard it has been to finally reason with the idea that her daughter is off to college next year.  So in order to make that transition as SMOOTH as possible, I am going to spend as much TIME as possible with my kids for the next 13+ years. Totally and utterly smothering them so that they absolutely can't stand me :)  Besides, as of this afternoon, Mason and Dilly will still hold my hand I know that awesomeness is on the endangered species list.  As of Saturday, I was still crying at swimming, watching all the little 3-4 year olds tremble with fear on the diving board.  As of last night, when I checked on them before I went to bed, I still loved to smell their foreheads, whispering "Please bless and pray and watch over my sweet potatoes and pray that they are always healthy and happy and full of life."  So if that means I spend all my blog time uploading pictures of the fun times I had with my kids, well then so be it.     That also means that I am going to invest heavily in photobooks (my favorite place is sometimes they have a 60% off sale with unlimited pages.  I highly recommend them....I get all my photocards and canvases there and they don't even pay me to tell you that..)  Last year, I started this plan that every single year I am going to print one photobook of all the pictures I took of my kids that year (only the really good ones) and meld them together in a photobook.  I will then make two copies and some day when they are graduating high school and getting ready to attend Yale University to get a degree in Neuroscience that I will give each of them a set.


Mommy Lisa said...

Mason's eyelashes are just impossible. I love them - and so will all the girls at Yale. ;)

Meri said...

I think time is on your side with this transition :)I still feel like my mama's little girl some times and I'm 26, so there you go!