Friday, March 18, 2011


Tapping Maple Tree...two trees were tapped and a day and a half later we got this....(tap's can be purchased at Fleet Farm)
Full turkey fryer of sappy liquid....doesn't taste or look like maple syrup
The ratio is about 40:1 (starting liquid to actual syrup)....about 24 hours later of intermittent boiling we have this and it is still going. 

Pancakes for breakfast....yessiree.


Meri said...

Gosh- it's that time of year already isn't it! I went to a how-to for syrup making at Fort Snelling one year, so neat!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new syrup! It's delicious, isn't it? And addictive - we're up to 52 gallons of sap and don't want to stop just yet.
Love you all -
GA Noona

Anonymous said...

I think they call it 'sugaring'.

Mommy Lisa said...

I made a pancake bake Friday night for dinner - it was super easy and really good. ;) We got some syrup from Terry's uncle.